english speakers’ corner

You can’t understand Italian, can you?
So… This is the English speakers’ corner.
‘Cause cancer unfortunately speaks many languages and owns many different cultures… Here you’ll find the very gist of my website condensed in one only page. ‘Cause no matter how far apart we are: we’ll all remain united in one only huge, international, universal embrace.

Cancer and Afterwards
from Roots to Wings

_About me_

I’m 23 and since october 2011 I’ve been fighting against a IV stadium metastatic melanoma.
My Facebook page Il Cancro E Poi (which could be translated as “Cancer and Afterwards”) was published online on 19th May 2012 and reached one thousand fans within three months, followed by this website from 5th August 2012. My wish has always been to create a virtual space where to talk about that extremely difficult but absolutely enriching experience that cancer tends to be.

Whether you’re fighting against “the crocodile”, or you know someone who’s trapped in this fight, whether you arrived here by chance or just surfing the net, please feel free to share your esperience about the beast. ‘Cause just talking about cancer we can utterly appreciate life and all the precious moments that it gives us as an outstanding gift.
Cancer and Afterwards… And then life could be even better!

I don’t even know how many centimeters of surgery scars have been drawn on my body, but I love them all, one by one. Every single centimeter of etched skin which will never be healed! Those are the starting points of my wings.

_How I’m fighting my war against cancer_

And then everything starts all over again. Every counter of your life goes back to zero. Every single lived or dreamt experience had never been lived or dreamt like this. And maybe outside the difference is almost imperceptible. Scars lie there, silent, under your suit. Ill cells walk inside quick but silent, making you believe to be the same girl you were one year ago.
And outside everything keeps going on the way it used to be, because you decided to act like this, because in your daily life you tend not to talk too much about it. Because you absolutely don’t want other people to see as a weakness the fight which you consider to be your greatest strenght. Because you don’t want to be pitied, or treated as a sick person. Because the truth is that you don’t feel like a sick person, because you feel much stronger and braver and more resolute then you’ve ever been. Because you want to prove first of all to yourself that you can even suffer from IV stadium metastatic melanoma but LIVE. Live all joys, projects, sorrows, tears that life gives you every single day.
Because there’s an Afterwards you’ll never stop fighting for. Because nobody can keep you away from the certainty that – despite all the scars, sugeries, needles in veins, tests, contrast liquids, therapies and sorrows – there’s a unique happiness waiting for you, there’s your greatest dream which keeps looking at you from the future and can’t wait to reach you. Because you know that all you’re living now will be given back to you.
Because you clearly feel that the way you now have to look at life could have been reached just through this sorrow.